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Age Limits:

To use or view the sites that we review, you must be at least 18 years old, or the legal age for gambling in your jurisdiction.

Regulation according to the country:

Internet gambling is illegal in some jurisdictions. You are required to research and comply with any laws and regulations in your country and/or state before using real money gambling sites.

These warnings relate only to real money gambling sites, BetComparative also reviews sites with free games where you don’t use or play for money but just for entertainment or free gifts.

Compulsive gambling and financial risks:

Beyond entertainment, be aware that playing on Internet can generate important financial risks. BetComparative, is aware of these risks and recommends moderation to you.

In no case BetComparative could be held responsible for your possible financial losses on the sites visited from this guide and/or for the non respect of any laws and regulations in your country.

Gaming addiction – Help for dependents:

In addition, if yourself or a member of your entourage has problems of gaming addiction, it is recommended to ask for help. You can find help on sites like or

Voluntary gambling ban service:

Any person willing to ask for a voluntary gambling ban can use, a FREE Worldwide Voluntary gambling ban service. This service is available for On-line and Land casinos. By filling just one form at, you’ll be able to voluntary ban yourself from gambling at all the On-line and Land casinos around the world for a period. Visit for further information


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